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India is one of the biggest exporter of agriculture produced goods, fruits and vegetables. Quality is an inevitable when the things are conserned with human health and hygiene. We are the pioneer in business of supply of quality agro-based products and agro-services.  Some of the services we are rendering to farmers and society are given below :

•  Land selection, layouting and development
•  Supply of genuine and true to type plant saplings and seed material of crop

    having high benefit to cost ratio
•  Expert of poly house , shed net and glass house erection
•  Experts in agriculture produce grading , packaging , marketing

    (Indegenious and export) and food processing
•  Experts of exotic fruits and vegetable crop production technology
•  Experts in farm house designing , land scaping and garden designing
•  Experts in irrigation , fertigation systems and automization.
•  Experts in non conventional enery resource development( Solar)
•  Expert in Goshala development.

Flowers & fruits growing

•  All sort of seed as well as seedlings will be

    provided by organization.
•  To get good quality produce and good yield

    organization will provide consultation.
•  Organization also provides good vendors

    to buy a product with good rates.
•  Exotic vegetable can grow round the year

    which generate good rates.


thai dragon plant good img.jpg

Cosmic Ceremic Dragon Fruit Farm

1. Imported from Thailand
2. Mother plant is of True to type
3. Pole for support is must
4. Plant life is 60 to 80 years
5. Fruit starts at the 10 to 12 months
6. Minimum pest attack
7. Fruit is very effective to increase blood platelets

     Drong fruit having good contain of Calcium and

     also controls blood pressure
8. Fruit shelf life is 9 to 10 days
9. Very good income against regular expenses, good return on investment
10. Mother plant only give good quality saplings for future expansion

Seasonal Fruits

• Anantham Lemon
• Thai Red Apple Ber
• Cosmic Ceramic Dragon Fruit

• Jumbo Jack Fruits
• Niranjan Mango
• Jumbo Jamun
• Madhur Tamarind
• Drum Sticks

• Passion Fruit

• Taiwan Cosmic Pink Guava

• Jumbo Custard Apple

• Oranges & Vegetables

all in one plants.jpg


• Turnkey basis farm development
• Land selection, layout and

• Soil testing, report and analysis
• Supply of genuine and true

   type plants saplings

  and seed material
• Farmer training
• Employee training for agriculture

• Crop consultation
• Food processing and export
• Poly house, Shed net and

  glass house erection





1. Plants import from Thailand.
2. Plant of grafted technology. At the time of plantation sapling height is 2 to 2.5 feet.
3. Plant grow up to 16 to 18 feet.
4. Plant bear fruit after 4th year.
5. Plant will give round the year Kaccha Amm.
6. Plant life is of 80 to 100 years.
7. Fruit shelf life is of 13 to 15 days at normal room temperature.



* Mr. Anant H. Bhakare M. Sc. (Agri. Chem. and Soil Sci.) P.G D.M.M.
* Mr. Jayant Bhakare, M.Sc. (Agri. Plant Pathology)
* Mr. Parth Bhakare
* Mr. Subodh S. Kshirsagar M. Sc. (Agronomy)
* Mr. Suresh Deore,, D.T.L., G.D.C.A
* Mr. Ninad Shah (CA)
* Mrs. Yamini A. Bhakre M. Sc. (Genetics and plant phygiology)
* Mr. Amit Arokar, M. E.( Electronics )
* Adv. Sonali S. Kshirsagar

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